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Looking for a rabbit? A pocket pet? Something a little more unusual?

Maybe we can help!


Please view our adoptable rabbits, small animals, reptiles, and birds below. If you see someone who sparks your interest and who sounds as though it may be a good fit for your family please call us at (603) 472-3647 ext. 201 to discuss further and to potentially set up an appointment to meet (and hopefully adopt!). To learn how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our adoption process, please visit our Adoption Process page


We want to ensure that all potential adopters are provided with care information so you can give your new pet a happy, healthy, and safe home. ​It is important that small animals be kept in conditions that most closely resemble their natural environment. Be sure to provide the correct diet, secure space, and daily exercise and interaction. For more information about small animal care, go to our Pet Resources page.


All rabbits, small animals, reptiles, and birds adopted from ARLNH:​

  • have received a medical exam and were given any necessary treatments;

  • rabbits are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

We encourage you to browse our adoptable rabbits, small animals, reptiles, and birds below and to call the shelter at (603) 472-3647 ext. 201 to speak with a knowledgeable adoption counselor.

Thank you for choosing the Animal Rescue League of NH for your new family member.

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