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Community Resources

At the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, we strive to be "More than a shelter."  We offer a number of programs and services to the pets and people in our community.  Click the links below for details about what we offer, as well as other resources available.


Our Companion Animal Assistance Fund (CAAF) is designed to keep animals in their loving homes. CAAF is available on a one-time basis to pet owners having difficulty affording a veterinary bill for medical care that their pet needs.


At the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire we aim to do our part to help to minimize the pet overpopulation crisis. Learn more about low cost spay and neuter clinics and resources.


We provide dog and cat food to help owners who are in need of temporary assistance feeding their pets.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Browse resources on behavioral issues, training methods, care sheets, new-pet shopping lists and more.


Learn more about how and when to report animal cruelty, and review New Hampshire's animal cruelty legislation.

Brown stray dog on a street in Vietnam

Fill out a lost or found report, view lost or found animals and read tips on recovering your lost pet.


Our Humane Education Library consists of more than 200 books geared towards readers from Pre-K to 4th grade, with a focus on thoughtfully teaching kids about animals, humane animal care concepts, how to safely interact with animals, wellness, and more. Book a visit to the library today!

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On a case by case basis the ARL offers temporary housing for pets whose owners are fleeing domestic violence situations. This program depends heavily on space available in the shelter.

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