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Learn more about our steps to adopt, what you will need and where to go.


Seeking canine company? Check out our adoptable dogs and read through their descriptions to see if we have the right pup for you!


Need a friend, but don't quite have the space for larger creatures? Not to fret, we've got you covered. Check out our available small animals, and make sure to do your research on small animal care!

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Our partnership with Chris' Hero Pets has allowed us to offer waived adoption fees for veterans. This includes cats, dogs, rabbits and small animals!


Looking for a feline friend? Browse through our available cats and read through their descriptions to see if we have someone that might be a match for you!

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Enamored by the irresistible nose twitch? Check out our available rabbits to see if we have a match for you! Make sure to read the descriptions, as each rabbit has a unique personality.

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Learn more about our barn cat program and how to apply. If you have a mouse problem and don't mind offering food and a safe place to be for a feral cat, this program might be right for you.

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