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Naomi Stevens

Chief Operating Officer


603-472-3647 ext. 123


Naomi Stevens is the Director of Operations at ARLNH where she is responsible for the oversight of the day-to-day care and well-being of the animals in the shelter.


Since graduating from Cornell University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and a minor in Agribusiness Management and Finance, Naomi has been active in the Animal Welfare industry.


Naomi’s career started at the Animal Rescue League of Boston where her passion for this work only grew. Having always been a resident of New Hampshire, when the opportunity arose in 2014 to be a member of ARLNH's team, Naomi jumped at the chance.


At ARLNH, Naomi finds working with the needy dogs the most rewarding, whether it be through building their confidence, helping them heal, or teaching them a few basic manners. Naomi is pictured with George, the stray German Shepherd who nearly died in the woods of Merrimack, NH this past January, but is making remarkable progress!


Naomi lives in New Boston with her husband James, and their three canine kids, Clover, Louis, and Rue.​​​​

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