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Many times, animals come into the League with extraordinary medical issues that require immediate attention. These essential procedures are covered by our Medical Miracle Workers.

Please join our dedicated supporters who come to the rescue of animals needing more extensive care or surgical procedures.

As a Medical Miracle Worker, you will:

  • receive “alert” notices when there is a pressing need

  • receive periodic communications, with information/photos about the animals helped by the fund, the amount of money in the fund, and the amount used in the previous month.

  • be given an opportunity to set up a monthly donation to the fund, but that is optional

  • also hear about animals helped by the fund, but did not survive

If you are interested in the Medical Miracle Worker Program, please contact:

Marianne Jones, CEO

603-472-3647 ext 116

Email Marianne 

If you do not want to participate in the program, but would like to donate to help with our medical costs,

please go to our DONATION page.

Thank you so much for your compassion for our animals and your generous support!