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Medical Miracle Worker

Make a significant difference in the lives of pets who need extensive care, have significant medical needs or require surgical procedures. Help ARLNH save the lives of those who need it the most.

When Iggy (pictured above) came to the Animal Rescue League of NH he had been living with a painful old injury to his leg for an extended period of time. As a stray, we didn’t know much about his history, but we knew he needed us, and luckily we were able to be there for him because of our friends like you.


Iggy was able to have surgery to remove his extremely painful leg and now he gets around better than ever! His surgery was completely funded by donations through our generous Medical Miracle Workers. Because of them, Iggy was able to get adopted and is very much loved by his new family. 


Unfortunately, we see cases like Iggy’s all the time at the Animal Rescue League of NH. Whether it’s a dog that needs a major surgery, a cat that has an ongoing illness, a rabbit that needs a wound repaired, or a rat that needs a mass removed - we are here for them all because of you.



This handsome boy came to us as a stray with a history of urinary issues from the PD that picked him up. We have spent months working on different diagnostics to figure out what is wrong. He had one successful surgery on his bladder and urethra, and has a second surgery scheduled for his leg. We are hoping to continue fundraising for him so he can get the medical treatments he needs and go up for adoption to live a new life pain free! 





This group of 10 hamsters were all surrendered to the ARLNH from an overwhelmed owner who had some accidental litters. They were housed together which is tough for hamsters who prefer to be more solitary animals. This caused many of the males to fight with each other and several came to us with wounds from their littermates. Upon arrival, they were all given their own space to prevent further fighting and have since been started on antibiotics to help heal their wounds. Many will require a little more medical care before being ready to go up for adoption. 



How does the program work?

The Medical Miracle Worker (MMW) program will establish a fund for use of emergency or extensive medical treatment for any animal that needs it. If requests are made for a specific animal and there are more than enough funds to cover the needed care, the balance will be placed in the fund for use in subsequent cases. Signing up as a MMW means you will receive an “alert” when there is a pressing need. There is no minimum donation requirement, and donations can be one time or monthly. We can accept donations via cash, credit or check. 


If you are interested in the Medical Miracle Worker Program, please contact:


Marianne Jones, CEO

603-472-3647 ext 116 


If you do not want to participate in the program, but would like to donate to help with our medical costs,

please go to our donation page.

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