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Lindsey Beahm

Animal Care & Behavior Specialist




Lindsey Beahm joined ARLNH’s staff in July of 2022. She had previously worked with a long-term canine resident of the League back in 2018 under the guidance of Dr. Michelle Posage of Posage Behavior Services. This dog has since been adopted and is comfortably living in her forever home.


Lindsey is our Animal Care and Behavior Specialist, and her responsibilities stretch over several departments within the League. She primarily works with the dogs in our care by implementing behavior modification and enrichment to assist these dogs in their adoption and the success they have within their forever homes.


Lindsey has a master’s in Animals and Public Policy from Cumming’s School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuft’s University. She studied Neuroscience and Behavior for her bachelor’s degree at the University of New Hampshire. She has a deep love for all animals, but an extra soft spot is saved for dogs and cows. She is exceptionally passionate about educating the public about animal behavior and treating animals with behavior issues. She finds it to be the most rewarding when she builds a relationship and can become the animals ally throughout the treatment process.


When she isn’t spending her time at the League, Lindsey enjoys spending time hiking with her family dog and developing her skills as a novice nature photographer. She lives with her family and their two rescue animals, Mookie (Cat), and Holly (Dog). She is currently drafting an outline for her first book on canine behavior, and she also owns and operates her own pet sitting business.

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