Jenn Noseworthy


Jenn is an Operations Specialist at Rise Private Wealth Management in Bedford, NH.  Along with working on the operations team at Rise, she heads their philanthropy committee--she is dedicated to helping her team in Bedford, as well as in other states across the country, make an impact on their local communities through group and individual effort.  Jenn joined the ARL's board of directors in 2019. 

Jenn got her degree in Psychological Sciences at the University of Connecticut and then moved back to her home state of New Hampshire, where she enjoys time spent skiing, going to the beach, and camping with her family and their dog Bella (cats Lucy and Ollie are happy to stay home instead). 

Growing up, Jenn spent many weekends volunteering with her mom at our shelter, caring for the animal (and trying to persuade her mom to adopt another pet).  She has always been fond of the ARL and now has the opportunity as a board member to support our organization on an even deeper level.