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Image by Timothy Dykes

Dog-Faced Beer


The Animal Rescue League of NH and Great North Aleworks have teamed up to celebrate our love for dogs and good beer with the “Dog Faced” Beer Label Contest!

Thanks to our incredible supporters, the contest raised $25,738!

“Dog-Faced” is a limited small batch production of Great North Aleworks located in Manchester, NH

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Congratulations to the 2023 Dog-Faced Contest Winners!



"It was a brisk September day when Milo was first surrendered to the ARLNH. At 5 years old, he was no spring chicken for a golden retriever. We knew adopting him meant we wouldn't have as much time with him as we would if we purchased a puppy. But that didn't stop us. He had 5 more wonderful years to live and every day we were grateful that the Animal Rescue League of NH brought us together. Milo supported the ARLNH through countless events and fundraisers during his life with us, and would be honored to know that the story of his life would continue to make an impact for other dogs even after his passing." - Milo's Family


Mr. Farva Fuggles

"We adopted Mr Fuggles in October 2015, he came to us with a cleft palate.  With a lot of care and love, he fit into our Frenchie pack just perfectly. He's a quirky lil guy that loves tuggy, his buddy, and watching NASCAR. 

Mr. Farva Fuggles is named after the noble beer hop, Fuggles, so he knows the importance of good brewing. He would love to support his friends at ARLNH and Great North Aleworks."

- Mr. Farva Fuggles Family



"Louie loves the ARLNH because he wants all animals, large and small, to find loving, forever homes. He supports the ARLNH mission for advocacy and care, for pets and owners.

Louie is the sweetest, cuddliest, most laid back Bernedoodle puppy. He loves playing with his kitties, swimming in the lake, and taking over every pillow he can find in the house. Louie lives life to the fullest every day, and he brightens up everyone's day wherever he goes. Having a tough day? Louie instantly puts a smile on everyone's faces with his sweet nature and demands for belly rubs." - Louie's Family


Tilly & Moxie

Tilly and Moxie support the ARLNH because finding good homes for shelter dogs is the bomb! This pair is the bomb because they behave at the breweries! - Tilly & Moxie's Family

The Faces of Dog-Faced

Images of the four winning dogs each appear on one side of the can with images of

ARLNH alumni on the other side to complete the faces of a 4-pack of “Dog-Faced”.

Scroll through the slides below to read about each of the shelter alumni featured on the can!



"Saxon is a resilient and sweet boy who was destined to fill a little girl's birthday wish for a dog. Rescued by the Bedford ARL last fall, Saxon (formerly "Pie Crust") weighed only 22 lbs, and the path to health, let alone a forever family was unclear. At that same time, our daughter Natasha was struggling with anxiety after the loss of our two elderly shepherds and begging for a dog. Chance let the two meet and it was love at first sight. Natasha and her brother were determined to adopt him and impatiently waited to see if he was healthy enough to go home to a family with kids. His resilience, her faith, and a birthday wish worked magic that allowed Saxon to join our family in January! He is the perfect companion to our children and we have the utmost gratitude for the Bedford ARL for helping him live his best dog life." - Saxon's Family

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