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To make a donation via a Donor Advised Fund account:


  1. In the DAF Direct box, ​Donate now from: field, click + to open the drop-down list.​

  2. Select your sponsoring organization from the drop-down list.*

  3. In the Designation field, enter Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

  4. In the Amount field, enter the amount of the donation.

  5. Click Next to go to the selected sponsoring organization's site and follow the site's instructions.

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable giving instrument created for the purpose of managing charitable gifts on behalf of donors. 

If you have a DAF account, you can recommend grants to Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire directly from your account. If you do not have a DAF account, please contact your employer for information.


If you do not find your sponsoring organization listed and would like to send a gift to ARLNH, You can:

  • Click Donate Now to make your online donation today, or

  • Send a check - please make checks payable to Animal Rescue League of NH and mail to:

Charlotte Williams

VP of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation
Animal Rescue League of NH

545 Route 101

Bedford, NH  03110

ARLNH’s tax identification number is: 02-0222790