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Carolyn Silva

Humane Educator & Animal Care Specialist




Carolyn has been working as Humane Educator and Animal Care Specialist at ARLNH since November 2023. Her passion for animals brought her back to the ARLNH after five years spent in public education working with youth as a school psychologist. Before working in education, Carolyn called the shelter her home away from home where she took on a variety of roles at the league from adoption coordinator to animal care tech. She has a passion for working with sensitive animals needing behavioral support. Additionally, Carolyn enjoys developing engaging lessons and activities for social-emotional development. 


When Carolyn is not at the league, she enjoys spending time with her dogs (Lily, Toby, Charley), cats (“Little Kitty”, Buffy), and chickens. Furthermore, she is frequently found reading or out on the trails when the weather is nice.

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