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Emily Hills

Adoptions Supervisor




Emily has assumed various roles throughout her shelter career! It all begins and ends with animal care though, as it should!


In the beginning, she was an adoptions counselor and then, with time,  became the adoptions supervisor and managed the barn-cat program. She has most recently taken on a surgical assistant position with the shelter veterinarian, and thoroughly enjoys it!


Emily first joined the ARL team in 2018 as a work-study student, during her freshman year of college at Southern New Hampshire University. She graduated in 2021 and has continued her career with ARLNH, as an official member of our staff.


She has a strong passion for helping animals in need, and enjoys working on the behalf of the homeless animals of New Hampshire and beyond. She is especially passionate about rats, she has 2 at home, and she aims to remind everyone she meets that they’re perfect and wonderful pets!

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