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Casey Morrison

Adoption Counselor

I have worked at the Animal Rescue League of NH 2015. I started as a work study student and after graduation, I was hired full time. 
I recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University majoring in Psychology with minors in behavioral neuroscience and sociology. 
I am an avid rabbit lover and am often the go-to person for rabbit meetings and when potential adopters have questions about what is involved with having a bunny for a pet.

I am also passionate about working with dogs and giving them a second chance. During my work day, I can often be found walking dogs, cleaning kennels, or doing adoptions. One of my favorite things about my job is when one of our long-time canine residents is finally matched with their forever family.

My current household consists of two dogs, two cats, three bunnies, and two aquatic turtles. Five are ARLNH alum! I have also done some fostering of baby bunnies and kittens.