The Companion Animal Assistance Fund (CAAF) is designed to keep animals in their loving homes. The CAAF is available on a one-time basis to pet owners who are facing extraordinary vet bills for medical care that their pet truly needs.This program goes directly to the heart of the League's mission and its tagline that we are more than a shelter. 


Some of the examples of ways we have  assisted:

  • Dental

  • Diagnostics

  • X-rays

  • Infection treatment

  • Wound care


We are not equipped to handle emergency or trauma situations. Please contact your local Animal ER if your pet is in a life threatening situation. 


Donations are always welcome to help maintain this program. The League will keep you apprised of CAAF pets and families who were able to be served as a result of your generous support. A monthly report will include the types of animals assisted, as well as a summary of what type of assistance your support was able to provide.

For more information about CAAF, please contact:

 Maureen Prendergast

Director of Outreach & Investigations


Email Maureen

Animal Rescue League of NH

545 Route 101

Bedford, NH 03110


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