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Volunteers Appreciated!

Are you considering a regular volunteer commitment at The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire?  Please complete this online application.

Once your application is processed, you may be invited to attend one of our volunteer orientation sessions. At this session, you will learn about the history of the League, our many and varied programs, our animals, and our volunteering opportunities.  You will also have the chance to ask questions about the League and talk to active volunteers and take a behind-the-scenes tour. 

At the orientation will request a $10 donation. 

Why do we ask for a donation? 

This donation will not only support our mission but also exemplifies your commitment to the ARLNH and our volunteer training programs. At the end of orientation, you will be able to sign up for animal-specific training

Please make sure you are familiar with the age, supervision, and documentation requirements listed on the right hand side of this page.

  Volunteering Hours:

Saturday and Sunday:

8am - 5pm

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

8am - 4pm

Tuesday and Thursday:

8am - 7pm

Offsite hours as needed


Cleaning duties offer the most animal contact. These are only done in the mornings, 7 days a week.


Community Service/Short-Term/Single Day Volunteers

For individuals that want to volunteer short term or a single day, we have set up a program just for you called the Day of Service! Short term volunteers are those looking to complete less than 40 hours.  Short term volunteers must fill out this application. Once your application is processed, you will be eligible to register for day of service activities. You will receive and invitation and confirmation.

As a short term volunteer, you will not be working directly with the animals (due to training requirements).

Volunteers participating in short-term service will be doing odds and ends type activities. Tasks could include washing windows, empty animal crates, removing trash, bathrooms, vacuuming, organizing areas, restocking, putting donations away, weeding, and other cleaning types of projects. Please wear appropriate clothing and closed toed shoes.


 For short term volunteers, the youth requirements to the right of this paragraph still apply.  If you are between 14 and 17 please read those restrictions.  

Court ordered community service volunteers will need to provide a copy of their court order prior to attending a day of service. 

Contact lgalletta@rescueleague.org for more information or to register for the Day of Service.

Volunteers needed for our Annual Pet Fair!

Derryfield Park, Manchester

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Please join us in our mission to improve animal welfare in our communities by lending a hand with this fun family- and pet-friendly event!

Ways to Help at the Fair:

  •  Man the 3M road course
  • Volunteer for activities that day
  • Assist with setup/cleanup
  • Help the exhibitors
  • Post to social media from the event

If you are interested in helping with this fun event, please complete the Pet Fair Only Application:  https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?ap=704109126


 "My volunteer efforts directly contribute to homeless animals finding forever homes" -Christine

"It has been rewarding to work with cats that come into the shelter hissing and  and leave purring and rubbing against their new owners"- Rosemarie

"I have been an ARL volunteer for 8+ years. Coming here and working with the cats is my therapy.  A place I can forget about the other issues in my life."- Linda

"I  volunteer because of my passion to save helpless pets and to work with the wonderful people of the ARL"- Kip


 Important Requirements

  • You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer.

  • Anyone 14 or 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering. The parent or guardian must also attend the orientation session, complete an online application and agree to all waivers for themselves as well as the minor.

  • Those ages 14 and 15 require a NH Youth Working Certificate. Not required for single day or one-time volunteers.

  • Those 16 & 17 are required to have their online application completed by their parent or legal guardian.

  • WORK or CLIENT CENTERED PROGRAMS please contact the Director of Volunteer Services to learn more about requirements and offerings. 


Director of Volunteer Services

  Laurie Galletta